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Therapy is a fundamentally collaborative process that requires both therapist and client to commit to showing up for the work with willingness and authenticity. While the journey entails wading into our hard stuff, it ultimately can foster a greater sense of empowerment in your life and open new avenues of joy and fulfillment. I facilitate this process by providing compassionate witnessing, empathic reflection, and skilled guidance.


We all have different aspects of ourselves that show up in different contexts--serious, playful, engaged, or just going through the motions. We might find ourselves habitually critical, care taking, perfectionistic, anxious, angry, or numbing out. Together we will explore the history, needs, and intentions of these different aspects of you and support you finding new ways forward that fit your life.


Therapy is likely to include processing your thoughts and emotions, exploring your embodied experience, practicing mindful awareness, developing additional tools, resources and knowledge, and achieving self-defined goals. Together we will celebrate your successes and hopefully share a little laughter along the way!

Together we may address:​​​

  • Exploring your values, personal growth, and finding fulfillment

  • Decreasing anxiety and/or depression​

  • Increasing self-esteem

  • Developing healthier interpersonal relationships through communication skills and boundary setting

  • Moving through significant life transitions 

  • Healing from traumatic experiences

  • Processing grief and loss

  • Engaging in spirituality and meaning making

  • Integrating psychedelic experiences and insights

  • Exploring issues concerning power, equity, and oppression

  • Deepening understanding of your sexual identity, gender identity, transitioning, and LGBTQIA issues

  • Working through sexual difficulties

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